For Parents

Thank you for your interest in meeting St Nick! My goal is to provide a Christmas experience that is grounded in the legendary love, generosity and kindness of the very real life of St Nicholas.

St Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Children, Sailors and Victims of Injustice. His legend has taken many paths over the past 1,750 years from the traditional Santa Claus to other incarnations like Father Christmas and Kris Kringle.

Whether you wish to take advantage of my 10 minute, 20 minute or 30 minute One-on-One Conversation with Santa, be assured that I will bring all my experience to the effort. I share with St Nicholas a love of and respect for children. I try to embody that love and respect in my presentations.

I have close to 50 years experience in speaking with and ministering to children, as a Santa Character Actor, a Biblical Storyteller and a pastor. As I am sure you know, children have unique perspectives on things and can ask the most amazing and challenging questions. I strive to be forthright in my responses, basing my responses in both Christian scripture and traditions. 

In each interaction, I welcome parents as partners in the effort to encourage Christmas love, generosity and kindness in their children. In our communications, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Thank You & God Bless,

St Nick Jim

"Our daughter was a little sceptical of the whole “Santa thing” so it was a welcome surprise to see how at ease she was with St Nick Jim. He just seems to have a way with children. We are so happy our daughter was able to talk with him."
Vanessa & Rildo
Kennesaw, Georgia

Talk to Santa Claus

Have a Live Video Call with Santa

My favorite interaction has become live, online visits with wonderful children all over the world. There are several options available depending on the number of children and adults participating as well as their locations around the world. I love this because I can see you and talk to you in real time!


a Respectful Reindeer

Born in 1820, Dasher is the youngest of my main reindeer.

Almost immediately after being born, Dasher was poking her nose into every corner of her stall. She learned all about the weather…how the wind blows and how storms grow. So it wasn’t long before I had Dasher as one of my lead pair. I can trust her to keep a sharp eye out so we stay away from troubling weather. 

Dasher loves to deliver presents to children who like to learn new things. I hope you want to be a learning child.