Talk with Santa Claus

I get so many wonderful requests from children all over the world. I would love to get one from you!

As you can see, children from all over the world send me their requests. Sometimes it is for a letter or for a video message. But my favorite request is for time to talk face-to-face. You can choose any one you wish. My favorite thing to do is to respond to your kind request! I would love to get one from you. Whichever you choose, please help your parents to use my website to get that done. It will be fun. Now you have me all excited to see your request so I can get right back to you! 

Have a Live Video Call with Santa

My favorite interaction has become live, online visits with wonderful children all over the world. There are several options available depending on the number of children and adults participating as well as their locations around the world. I love this because I can see you and talk to you in real time!

"We gathered all of our children, stepchildren, and their cousins, 8 children in all, and had a St Nick Fest. They ranged in age from two to ten and St Nick Jim made a connection with each one. It was a marvellous time."
Roswell, Georgia


a Respectful Reindeer

Born in 1820, Dasher is the youngest of my main reindeer.

Almost immediately after being born, Dasher was poking her nose into every corner of her stall. She learned all about the weather…how the wind blows and how storms grow. So it wasn’t long before I had Dasher as one of my lead pair. I can trust her to keep a sharp eye out so we stay away from troubling weather. 

Dasher loves to deliver presents to children who like to learn new things. I hope you want to be a learning child.