Letter to St. Nick with Wish List

Parents: Please help your child fill out the form below so that they can send me a letter. You can also print a pdf version so they can handwrite their letter and upload as a file. Please also transcribe their responses into the form if they choose to handwrite their letter.


a Respectful Reindeer

Born in 1820, Dasher is the youngest of my main reindeer.

Almost immediately after being born, Dasher was poking her nose into every corner of her stall. She learned all about the weather…how the wind blows and how storms grow. So it wasn’t long before I had Dasher as one of my lead pair. I can trust her to keep a sharp eye out so we stay away from troubling weather. 

Dasher loves to deliver presents to children who like to learn new things. I hope you want to be a learning child.